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  • Topical pain patches traditionally used to help temporarily relieve mild pain & inflammation. A collaboration of naturopaths, scientists and health experts have developed these unique pain patches.


Topical pain patches traditionally used to help temporarily relieve mild pain & inflammation. A collaboration of naturopaths, scientists and health experts have developed these unique pain patches. Shop Now


Eco Pain Patches - Pain relief patches work by increasing blood flow to the affected area providing more oxygen & nutrients to aid the healing process.


Eco Pain was created in 2003 after a personal experience with chronic pain and opioid dependence. Fed up with the limited options & harsh side effects of pharmaceutical pain killers, Eco Pain natural pain patches were born as a multidisciplinary approach to pain management.


Thank you Eco Pain. After using your pain patches my arthritis is much better. I use them at night and they are a total life saver.

These pain patches actually work! I have been using Eco Pain Patches for my bursitis for years now and love them.

Eco Pain Heat Patches really help my fibromyalgia. My Mum loves them on her knees and hips for arthritis pain.

Eco Pain patches are the best at work for my lower back pain. I use 2 on my lower back, they last all day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a multidisciplinary approach to pain management?

    Multidisciplinary pain management consists of treating the physical, psychosocial, medical and social aspects of chronic pain, and there is growing evidence of its effectiveness in the treatment of chronic pain.

    Although a multidisciplinary approach may include medical interventions and medication, it is largely based on non-invasive and non-pharmacological treatments.

    Many people rely on medications, but they can come with a risk of side effects, drug interactions, and sometimes misuse.

    There are many ways to treat pain and inflammation naturally. Whether you suffer from severe pain, chronic pain or just general aches and pains, a multidisciplinary approach to pain is just what Eco Pain is all about.

    While certain circumstances may require a prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication, it may also be possible to find some of the relief you need from a variety of natural pain relievers. Many herbs and spices have a long history of being used to relieve inflammation and chronic pain.

    If you’re dealing with aches and pain or chronic issues, it’s best to talk with a doctor before buying any natural remedies. Wholistic or Alternative medicine professionals, which are physicians who have training in more natural remedies, may be a great option if you’re seeking alternative forms of pain therapy.

    It’s also important to consult a qualified health professional before changing anything with your pain management treatment plan, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking other medications.

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  • How do pain patches work?

    Eco Pain is one of the most trusted pain relief patches in Australia. Our topical pain patches are traditionally used to help temporarily relieve mild pain & inflammation. Over nearly two decades we have collaborated with naturopaths, scientists and health experts to develop these unique pain patches.

    Eco Pain Patches work in one of two different ways depending on the type of pain treatment desired; Heat therapy or Cool therapy.

    Heat therapy by compress is traditionally used in Western medicine to help relieve pain and inflammation in muscles and joints. Heat therapy stimulates blood flow to the area of pain, reduces muscle spasms & relieves discomfort.

    Cool therapy works like ice by cooling the affected or swollen area. Cooling therapy for muscle and joint injuries is well established and recommended by sports physiotherapists. Prompt cooling has been shown to effectively reduce pain and may help in the healing of minor injuries.

  • How long can you keep pain patches on?

    You can leave the pain relief patch on for up to 8 hours. Remove and discard patch after 8 hours. Re-apply a new patch no more than 3 times daily. Short term single use only. See to your doctor if symptoms persist.

  • Can I cut Eco Pain Relief patches?

    Yes, Eco Pain Relieving Patches can be cut into smaller pain patches. Especially when you are using the patches for pain relief in small joints like wrists, elbows and fingers. Please make sure you cut the pain patch BEFORE you peel off the adhesive backing.

  • Can you sleep with a pain relief patch on?

    General aches and pains can distract you from your daily activities and they tend to get worse when you lie down for the night. Fortunately, you can safely wear Eco Pain relief patches at night.

  • Can I take Ibuprofen with Eco Pain Patches?

    It is always best to consult your doctor or health care professional when considering using patches for pain relief together with over-the-counter or prescription medications. Please consult with your doctor or pharmacist before making any changes to your pain management plan.

    Natural pain medicine may at least give you a few options to try, either alone or paired with prescription or OTC medications.

    Remember, pain is the body’s signal that something is wrong. It may be temporary, as with a strained muscle, but it may also signify a serious health problem that requires medical treatment.

    Don’t hesitate to seek out a healthcare professional to diagnose the source of your pain and discuss the best options for treating it.

  • Is there an easy way to remove the pain patch?

    If you have a hard time removing an Eco Pain relief patch, soak the area in warm water while taking a bath for shower until the patch becomes easier to peel off.

  • What is the difference between Eco Pain Patches and Solanpas, Dencorub or Deep Heat Pain Patches?

    There are many pain relief ratches in Australia. Eco Pain is proudly an Australian owned and operated company based in Byron Bay NSW.

    Deep Heat Pain Relieving Heat Patches are operated by The Mentholatum Company which is owned by a Japanese health care company.

    Dencorub is owned by Church & Dwight a company headquartered in the USA.

    Solanpas brand of products are exported to over fifty countries. The manufacturer is Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc which is a Japanese multinational pharmaceutical corporation.

    The big difference is that Eco Pain Relief Patches are proudly manufactured with only natural ingredients whilst our competitors mentioned above use Methyl Salicylate as their active ingredient.

    Methyl salicylate is widely available; however, ingestion of methyl salicylate poses the threat of severe, rapid-onset salicylate poisoning because of its liquid, concentrated form and lipid solubility. Excessive usage of these preparations in patients receiving warfarin may result in adverse interactions and bleedings. Methyl salicylate in topical analgesic preparations may cause irritant or allergic contact dermatitis and anaphylactic reactions.

    It is especially important not to use methyl salicylate at 20 weeks or later in pregnancy unless definitely directed to do so by a doctor because it may cause problems in the unborn child or complications during delivery.